Candy Shop

For a very select few, the practice of law can be illustrated by the following tale. Once there was a young person who stepped into a candy store. The candy store had many varieties of candy and the person began to partake of the candy. Pretty soon, other people started to approach the candy store and throw more candy into the store. The person was so excited by the additional candy that he began to eat it at a faster and faster rate.  He ate so much of it that many assumed he would die. One day, an old wise-ish looking person from the back of the store emerged to the person’s great surprise. The wise person said that he was special, that the candy would not make him sick no matter how much he ate and that he would be rewarded with great wealth and all the candy he could ever want should he keep eating the candy all around him.  He followed the wise person’s advice and as he ate more candy, his ability to consume candy increased and pretty soon he was almost inhaling the candy.  He gave up all other interests and all other foods so that he could focus on the candy around him.  He started spending the night at the candy store, and when he woke up in the mornings, he would be buried in candy that people had thrown onto him during the night. He frolicked about in the candy, eating it with great enthusiasm, his body covered in sticky candy juices. As more and more candy piled up, he would drag his body through the candy to the top of the candy pile and feast on the candy below him.  After years of eating the candy in this manner, the wise person gave him a necklace made of candy corns that was labeled “Equity”. The wise person told him that he now had the power to bring in other people to help him eat the candy, which he did. He employed many people and commanded them to eat the candy. They tried to eat the candy as fast as the person so that they might get a candy corn necklace, but, unfortunately, they all died.