The practice of law can be illustrated by the following tale. Once there was a young person who stepped into a hole. The hole was pretty empty at first and the person was able to move freely within the hole. Pretty soon, other people started to approach the hole and shovel a thick substance onto the person. The person was able to dodge the substance for a period of time, but soon enough the substance had overtaken his ankles and he could no longer move very well. Luckily, a friendly type threw a shovel into the hole. The shovel was labeled “Bill”.  The person started to shovel the substance out of the hole and was able to free up his ankles and move about for a time. Unfortunately, because he was such a good shoveler, additional crowds of people approached the top of the hole and started to throw the substance in more aggressively. The person increased the rate at which he was throwing the substance out, but as he went faster and faster, more and more people started to shovel the substance on top of him.  The person tired of the shoveling and decided to rest for a bit to regain his strength and fell asleep. When he woke up, the substance was to his waist and he could not move. More people had started throwing in the substance while he slept. He tried to shovel more of it out, but he couldn’t keep up with it. Then, he died.