Meeting Stages

There are many stages to a client meeting and some thoughts about each stage. First, there is the start time.  If any of the client’s employees or investors are late to the meeting, it’s no problem. As a lawyer, you better damn well be on time.  Second, there is the actual meeting. Everyone in the room, except you, will generally be engaged in the meeting’s content and will discuss things such as “corporate strategy” and “disrupting industries”.   As a lawyer, you will generally be given a brief period to discuss a few items that nobody else wants to or has any interest in. Third, there is the end time. Client meetings will generally blow right past the scheduled end time, often by an hour or more, with no regard for your time or other commitments.  Some will feel enthused by the additional time to shine in front of their peers while you feel further trapped and begin frantically sending emails to reschedule other commitments.  I’m usually in a delirium by this point so I am not sure if there is a fourth stage.