Horseback Riding

If I had to compare the practice of law to a recreational activity, I would say that practicing law is like horseback riding. The client is the horse and you the lawyer are the rider. You get on the horse and the horse walks this way and that way. After a while, you want to get off of the horse but the horse won’t stop walking and you can’t get off of a moving horse.  You wait it out a little longer thinking that the horse will tire so you can get off but you realize that you are ethically obligated to continue riding the horse. The horse will at some point start to run wildly, bucking up and down violently. You really want to get off of the horse now but you can’t get off of a horse that is running and bucking. Eventually, the horse will stop and you will think you can safely get off. As you are disembarking the horse, the horse will often kick you in the face or the ribs, sending your body to the manure soaked ground in a heap! Then, you will promptly get on another horse and do it all again until eventually your body is a sack of broken bones.   One thing about law though is that you rarely see the outdoors.