Funny Emails

Sometimes you have to be careful when you are attempting to send a funny email. For example, one time I was working on a big transaction at around 2:00 AM.  I was really ready to go home and go to bed and all I needed to do that was to receive a PDF signature page from these lawyers at another firm. When I asked to see the signature page, this young lawyer replied, "I will not release the signature page." I thought that was a little rude but saw this as a chance to score some points with and boost the morale of my own colleagues who were next to me in a conference room also waiting for the stupid signature page. I downloaded a picture of the rude young lawyer and each of his colleagues from the firm's website, copied each of them into the body of an email and wrote underneath the lineup of pictures, "We will not release the signature page". I read it a few times to myself and had a good laugh about it as it made it seem like they were really trying to defend that signature page. I sent the email and then looked at the faces of my colleagues awaiting their amusement at my clever email. Turns out, I accidentally replied all to the whole group including the lawyers I was making fun of. They didn't send over that signature page for a few more hours.