Time Pressure

One thing you should realize early on in your legal career is that it is actually better to have so many tasks on your plate that you have no hope of completing them all because then you will actually be forced to get a lot of things done. You will notice on days when you are not completely overwhelmed that you will spend several hours staring at your computer with your eyes glazed over rather than completing the manageable slate of open tasks. After staring for a while, you will think to yourself that you better get after it so you don’t fall behind. But then you might play Candy Crush for a bit because you have had a long month and deserve a break. After Candy Crush, you might go check in with some other associates, do some socializing and maybe grab lunch. You will then return to your office to get a couple things done, but at that point it’s probably best to look online to come up with some new personal productivity systems first. You might try a system where you focus intently for 25 minutes at a time on work and then take a 5-10 minute break. You will go with that but you will decide to take your break first and might turn on an episode on Netflix. That episode will be real good and the 10 minute break will turn into about 60 minutes. After that, it will be getting late and you better get home to beat traffic.