Doc Processing

As an associate in a big firm, you will need to shepherd the resources available to you in order to provide fast and cost-effective service to your clients. Typically, one of these resources is a document services department. These hard-working people are inundated with printing, processing and formatting documents requests on a daily basis from everyone in the firm—requests that are often curt or make unreasonable time demands (e.g., “Pls handle now”, “Need this in the next five minutes”, “What is so hard about converting a PDF?”).  One way to ensure that your request stands out in the crowd is to use language suggesting that their services have more meaning than the simple robotic churning of documents.  For example, in your request, say something fun like “Let’s make this doc pop!” or “Cheryl, work your magic!” Including smiley face emoticons and humorous pictures of cats is also advised.