Passing the Buck

As a young associate, you will often do your very best to solve a client problem but will inevitably reach the edge of your experience and be left with nowhere to turn but the partner in charge of the client. You will diligently summarize the issues in an email and seek the input of your all-knowing superior. On occasion, the partner will respond to some of your questions and flat out ignore others. Thinking they must not have seen such question, you will follow-up with regard to the ignored question specifically. Don’t be surprised if this follow-up never receives a response. You might try stopping by their office to find they are not there. Running out of time, you will use your best judgment and make a decision, informing the client of what they should do. Be advised that your best judgment will certainly be incorrect. Your inexperienced advice will cause great turmoil with your client, who will notify the partner of your stupidity. The partner will come to you, annoyed.  You will mention the email.  It won’t matter.  The buck has been passed.