Instant Access

There are certain attorneys you will work across from during the course of a corporate transaction who think they should have “instant access” to you. Usually, these attorneys will be a couple years senior to you, which will empower them to treat you like their personal assistant. They might, for example, call your office line and be forced to leave you a voicemail because you, being occupied in a meeting or dealing with one of the other dozen or so tasks that require your immediate attention, are unable to answer. Frustrated, these types will often immediately email you a curt message that says something to the effect of, “Just tried you?  Can you call me now??”  No matter how friendly you are when you call them back, brace yourself, because they will feel disrespected you didn’t answer earlier and will lash out in hostility regarding some innocuous thing. When this happens, I suggest saying, “I am sorry, I didn’t realize it was you that had called. If I had, I wouldn’t have called back so soon or at all.”